Due diligence and technical audit of real estate assets

Manage and anticipate the costs of your property


The property lifecycle and changes in your situation make it necessary, in many circumstances, for you to analyse the evolution of your property portfolio.

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Ensure your plan is feasible and your knowledge about your property is accurate


Taking the right decision to buy or sell a property requires detailed and accurate information:


  • Understanding of the characteristics, value, issues and risks attached to your portfolio


  • Anticipating the costs to comply with regulations or even renovation of your property


  • Investigating the feasibility of a change for your property


  • Analysing how your acquisitions or investment decisions will affect your portfolio


  • Adopting the right strategy to optimise your portfolio


  • Availability of reliable data and valuations for your portfolio

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Analyse your properties


Our multi-disciplinary professionals will conduct a comprehensive study of your property portfolio, including:


  • Analysis of your legal documentation to help you understand your portfolio and highlight


  • opportunities and disadvantages


  • Analysis of your property or portfolio to help you understand its costs, risks and value


  • Confirmation of the accuracy of your data and projections during an acquisition


  • Auditing and budgeting of the work needed to ensure the property complies with standards or to refurbish it


  • A comparison of the property’s key features against similar properties in the same area


  • Detailed information about the market and the opportunities it presents to your business

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Sound medium and long-term investment decisions


Receive professional support and guidance for your development strategy, including:


  • Decision support property


  • A transparent and independent technical audit


  • Protection of your interests


  • Exposure of hidden costs

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