Asset management

Manage your assets effectively and improve their performance


Make use of our expertise and advice to optimise your properties. We can coordinate all the services to deal with your buildings, manage tenant relationships, provide all reporting you need, help you to increase the value of your property and lower your costs whilst increasing your flexibility.

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To improve your assets’ performance and increase your flexibility


Actively managing your property assets can represent a real challenge when you need to focus on your core business. You want to:


  • Increase the value of your assets.


  • Gain the benefit of professional financial and commercial management.


  • Ensure the longevity of leases and your property.


  • Gain the benefit of well-informed consultancy and opportunities.


  • Receive clear and regular performance reports.


  • Be flexible in your asset management organization and its costs.


  • Maximising the renewal rate of current tenants.


  • Minimising vacancy (risks) and solving existing vacancy.

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Managing and optimizing your investment


We take care of your investment as if it were our own. That is a promise that we keep day after day, to stay in line with the defined strategy:


Commercial asset management

  • Involving our commercial team at an early stage in interactions with the tenant, in order to sense any potential in relation to the contract renewal and work on all levers of tenants’ satisfaction.


  • Managing the letting agents when solving existing vacancy.


  • Providing a web-based tool through which all estate agents' actions can be followed online 24 hours a day.


  • Reporting on the commercial activities by the letting agents in a clear and straightforward format.


Financial asset management

  • Business planning and forecasting: we set up business plans, portfolio strategies and detailed financial forecasts based upon a proven watertight model.


  • Cash flow planning: we provide detailed reports allowing our clients to monitor the cash development on a frequent basis and formulating corrective actions when required, as well as to adopt appropriate dividend and capex strategies.


  • Rent Roll recording and reporting: We both maintain rent rolls for our clients as well as verify and adjust rent rolls provided by the property managers. As each property management system is different, confusions, errors and mistakes occur regularly and need to be identified. It is our experience that a well-documented Rent Roll is highly effective in providing evidence to the external auditor.


  • Financial Administration and Accounting: we can provide basic bookkeeping services (financial administration) and are also experienced in converting the property manager's cash based administration into accrual based and auditable GAAP reporting. We also provide basic invoice issuing and verification services to foreign clients that have no staff in the Netherlands.

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Comprehensive and transparent expertise in asset management

You receive expert advice for your investment strategy, delivering you:


  • One specific service, such as commercial or financial reporting support.


  • A dedicated asset management team that works as if it were your own asset management team (whilst being flexible and without the risks of having to maintain or modify a staff pool).


  • Tailor-made set of building blocks of any of our fields of expertise.


  • An extensive experience with several accounting standards: IFRS, US GAAP and NL GAAP.


  • A profound market knowledge and large national network. Our team is capable of negotiating deals to attain optimal results that fit your strategy.

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