Real Estate financial advisory

Defining a property strategy appropriate to your company's current and future requirements


What property strategy should be followed in a complex and dynamic environment? You need to adapt, anticipate and apply ever more crucial property decisions.

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To align your property operations with your organisation and business objectives


  • Establish a high-level property plan to ensure decisions are objective and sound


  • Build up a formal, company-wide view of property asset management, and set up KPI's to guide your property strategy


  • Control and optimise business resources spent on property costs – identify value creation drivers

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Providing insight in the factors that affect your real estate performance


We do not necessarily tell you what you want to hear. We tell you what we think you need to hear.


  • Portfolio forecasting : understanding where the future cash flows will be and will come from. For proper forecasting, we apply a sound methodology and model in order to capture all available knowledge and allow the management discussion to focus upon the assumptions, not the facts. We then translate the facts and assumptions of your portfolio into a realistic forecast of cash flows, allowing management to formulate sound decisions and outline strategies.


  • Hold/sell analysis : reliable information on how a property portfolio is actually performing and what expectations there are for the future is crucial for strategic decision-making, but also for day-to-day business. As a model is only as intelligent as its maker, we work with a 100% reliable (software-based) model, with verifiable input and completely dependable output. Our approach is fast, flexible and based on international model standards, giving an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each property and the portfolio as a whole.


  • Commercial optimisation : in a situation of homogeneous supply, our approach is to shake up the ineffective passiveness and create a distinctive and marketable set of unique yet intrinsic characteristics to distinguish a property to stand out and attract tenants or investors. After thorough analysis, research and fact finding, we set up a marketing strategy with measurable objectives. Our track record shows that our approach works and that it leads to measurable results, resulting in reduction of vacancy and asset value protection.


  • Adding value : Properties that are either obsolete or outdated require an overhaul to be able to compete with more recently constructed facilities. At BNP Paribas Real Estate we are able to and have wide experience in starting and managing this process. From the identification of local market potential, through the analysis of optimisation of floor plans and property layout to the selection of the most appropriate constructors and facility firms, we have many practical examples to show why our approach was both unique as well as successful.

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Improved productivity and returns from your property


  • Independent advice, scrupulously complying with a code of ethics


  • In-depth knowledge of the market and the opportunities it offers


  • Transparent management and cost control of your property stock


  • Knowledge and understanding of the property situation and outlook

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