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Include sustainability development in your asset management


A sustainability trailblazer, we wrote Europe's first Eco-Property Management charter on sustainable property management and maintenance, and we contributed to the drafting of Operational HQE (High Environmental Quality) certification with Certivéa.

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You need

Valorize your assets and demonstrate your environmental commitment

Demonstrate your environmental commitment at any and all stages of your property's lifecycle:


  • Find out the environmental performance of your property or property portfolio


  • Improve the environmental and energy performances of your properties


  • Enhance your corporate image by ensuring your environmentally-responsible values also apply to your properties


  • Increase the value of your assets

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Our services

Offer you support and guidance on environmental improvements to your properties

We offer continuous support and guidance throughout the lifecycle of your property projects, providing expert and innovative responses to sustainability issues.


  • Reduce your water and energy consumption

Through real-time management of energy use, our specialist staff make it possible for you to measure your consumption, identify possible areas for improvement, implement a consumption and greenhouse gases reduction plan (based on the IPMVP protocol), and lastly publish your results on a web platform visible to your partners.



  • Assess a property's environmental performance

Whether as a part of an asset acquisition or valuation, our specialist staff can produce a bespoke appraisal system enabling you to assess the current performance, ways to improve it, and the results that can be achieved.



  • Advise you on property renovation

Our experience in environmental and operational management of existing buildings enables us to offer you support and guidance in your design choices and their impacts on the future management of your property.



  • Secure operational environmental certification for your properties

On the basis of your choice of standard (Operational HQE, BREEAM in use, LEED EB), our integrated teams of staff manage your entire certification project, from the initial assessment audit up to final certification.



  • Produce a "green guide" for your current and prospective tenants

Our guide briefs your current and prospective tenants on all the measures taken during the design, renovation and day-to-day running of your property, and showcases the impact of environmental initiatives in terms of service charge reduction, improved quality of life and combating climate change. It also advises your tenants on the best practices to adopt.



  • Ensure our service providers comply with commitments made

Our service providers endorse our unique "Eco-Property Management" charter and consequently undertake to comply with our environmental policy. Our service providers' environmental policies are assessed annually using our online evaluation tool, to check compliance with their commitments.

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The benefits to you

Enhanced image and asset value

Our services contribute to your Green Management corporate values.


  • The ability to communicate your commitment to sustainability

The implementation of these environmental measures enables you to legitimately proclaim your commitment.



  • Adopt an environmentally responsible philosophy

Our expertise in energy management actively contributes to reducing your properties' environmental impact.



  • Increase your properties' value and attractiveness

By implementing environmental measures, you will be able to improve your property's liquidity for investment decision purposes and also retain your property occupiers.

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