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Identification of suitable investment properties

Support in acquisition processes (buy-side advice) in connection with portfolio optimisation and housing developments

Implementation of structured, audit-proof buying and selling processes

Strategic advice on asset allocation and portfolio optimisation

Appraisal of an investment’s appreciation and performance potential

Analysis of development options for real property and the conversion, extension or modernisation (with regard to ecological aspects and sustainability) of portfolio properties

We have a comprehensive range of existing properties, sites for residential construction and new buildings at our disposal. The swift completion of purchases and sales for residential and combined business and residential properties through to the sale of portfolios or housing developments is all part of our business. We are equally at your service in sustainability matters, with future-viable concepts for ecological and sustainable residential property portfolios.

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Our team delivers a high-quality and independent real estate valuation service across all asset classes. We offer unparalleled knowledge of local property markets, supported by a dedicated research team.


Property Development

Today more than ever, residential properties are one of the highest-calibre investment vehicles around. Their importance is growing apace in both the private and the commercial spheres.