Property management aims to build tenant loyalty and enhance the value of your properties. It is therefore at the heart of our concerns. It is no longer enough for retail property managers to simply specialize in shopping centers. We need to simultaneously evolve with the changing retail landscape. Our Clients of shopping centres, high streets and retail parks, need more than just collecting as much rent as possible and keeping the service charge costs to a minimum. They are looking for support, guidance, ideas and initiatives and the tools to transform their retail assets into relevant civic hubs that benefit and serve the communities in which they sit. We recognize that retail destinations need to deliver flexibility and the potential to provide complimenting alternatives uses that meet the communities’ needs being a healthy mix of retail, leisure and F&B.

Our team is empowered to create relationships with local stakeholders, groups and charities allowing them to respond to the needs of the community. Our role is no longer just about supporting our retail locations in creating safe environments and delivering experiences that keep customers entertained. It is evolving into a role that encompasses an even stronger partnership with our Clients than ever before.

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